Large Plants

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Large Plants FAQ

What's the easiest large plant to keep alive?

What is the easiest large plant to grow indoors?

How should I take care of large plants in my home?

Are large plants best for the living room?

Add Large Plants to Your Home

Large plants create a warm and friendly ambiance in any home. Their height, accented by big leaves, gives them a presence that cannot be accomplished by furniture, artwork, and other decor. If you are looking for a way to bring the outside in, adding large plants to your living room will do the trick.

Once you begin adding large plants to your home, you’ll want to add more. While small, tabletop plants are nice, there’s nothing quite like having a few floor plants in your home to create an interesting vignette.

Plants draw attention to special areas of your home. You can use a plant to draw the eye upward, toward a piece of art, or a special piece of furniture. If you have especially tall ceilings, adding large plants to your living spaces makes the space feel cozier.