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The Top 10 Reasons to Go Faux

Sometimes, it’s okay to fake it. Read on for a round-up of the leading reasons you should be incorporating artificial plants into your life.

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Repeat after us: Faux houseplants don't have to be a faux pas. Check out our top 10 reasons to embrace faux in your home or office.

#1. No Seasonal Changes

Leave seasonal plant changes behind with seasonal allergies and enjoy the same amount of maintenance required for a faux plant (none) year-round. While we completely understand taking pleasure in meditative tasks like turning soil and repotting at the start of a new season, save yourself some time and money by including a faux plant or two into your botanic regime.

#2. No change to their appearance

Like with a staple piece of furniture or a beloved piece of art, consider how lovely it would be if your plants consistently brought you joy by being in the same happy, pristine condition you acquired them in. There’s comfort in consistency, and we’re here for it.

#3. Less care

With the exception of a swift dusting every now and then, faux plants eliminate upkeep altogether. For all of you apartment dwellers, imagine a life that doesn’t include schlepping all of your plant babies into the bath once a week for a “shower.” Going faux means you’ll have plenty of time to kick back and admire your eternally effortless flora friends.

#4. More durable

Even the sturdiest leaves can bend and break (and such is nature!), but faux are practically immortal; they’re the stronger sister of the natural version and just as beautiful. And from a sustainable and economic perspective, a faux’s durability ensures you’ll have to buy (and toss) a whole lot less over time.

#5. No risk of pests

No matter how you slice it, there are zero upsides to plant pests, especially when it comes to potted pieces that live in your home. Faux plants attract nothing but joy and eliminate any potential need to use insecticidal sprays.

#6. Safe for pets

Unlike so many live plants (so many!) that are toxic for your pets, our faux collection is 100% safe for pets. Rejoice in this newly-found freedom and load up on as many Rubber Trees (minus the toxic milky sap) as will fit in your home.

#7. Better for far-reaching spaces

Faux plants are the ideal choice for difficult-to-access areas in your home, like narrow nooks or skyscraper-tall shelves. Avoid the task of pulling out your step stool for regular watering, bypassing furniture or objects that are inevitably in your way while holding a watering can and balancing on one leg to reach your beloved hanging plant; instead, place your faux on that top shelf and leave it be (save for a quick wipe-down from time to time.)

#8. No light requirements

Artificial plants require zero sunlight while still packing the same punch as their organic counterparts, making them ideal for sunless corners in your home, which are often the corners that need that jolt of green the most.

#9. All the beauty with none of the maintenance

Get the look of a healthy, thriving plant with none of the fuss of regular upkeep. With our faux collection, you can relish in the cool boldness of a Rubber Tree, the adorable (faux) olives of an Olive Tree, and the unique foliage of a Maranta Prayer Plant—without having to prune, water, or re-pot. (Though we guarantee our faux will elicit an accidental watering every now and then because they look that real, and are really that beautiful.)

#10. A key design element in any room

Nothing contributes lightness, warmth, and style to a space the way plants do, except for well-made faux. They provide the perfect architectural element and anchor a room in an organic way. And no matter your personal design aesthetic, a dose of green is a universally chic color choice. A plant is always a good, and stylish, idea.

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